STEGIX is a new technique to replace a missing tooth without a crown or an implant.

Thanks to a framework inside the composite, STEGIX allows for a less invasive and less risky bridge than the traditional techniques and is less expensive.

To replace one or more missing teeth, dentists can use prosthetics. There are two different kinds: fixed and removable.

  • Removable prosthetics are those you can remove yourself, usually dentures with braces;
  • Fixed prosthetics are permanent, usually crowns and bridges on natural teeth or on implants, and the STEGIX.

STEGIX is a completely new approach that allows replacing a missing tooth easily and faster by a tooth with a pre-fabricated framework fixed in your mouth with a white composite resin. This technique uses state of the art materials and has many advantages compared to traditional methods because it is less invasive, less risky, offers more comfort to the patient during the treatment and it is cheaper.

Stegix Stegix Stegix

STEGIX bridges are not outsourced but produced by a STEGIX dental laboratory and the framework used are a 100% Swiss made. Professionals who use this technique must follow a specialized formation given by STEGIX before doing it.

Stephan Givel is the inventor of STEGIX. Born in 1956, he obtained his diploma in Medical Dentistry in 1980 from the University of Geneva. He is a member of the Swiss Dental Society and of the Vaudoise Dental Association (SSO and SVMD) and has practiced for more than 30 years in the Lausanne region.

As a generalist, he practices oral surgery regularly, mostly Peridontic surgery, and he’s a strong defender of the preservation of natural teeth. In his opinion, the dental capital that we have received at birth must be conserved and given priority. His vision favors conservation and treatment to avoid losing a tooth.  His long experience, spirit of innovation and continuous search for effective and efficient precision, has led Dr. Givel to invent the STEGIX technique.