Tooth ( teeth ) replacement with composite resins

Direct method (academic world technique)

Stegix Stegix Stegix

The bridge is crafted entirely in the mouth: first place a glass fiber, and then coat it with composite resins.

Indirect method : New technique STEGIX

"STEGIX innovates with a new simple technique for dental laboratories with prefabricated frames, whose assembly is made as easy as a simple game of construction, and by using prefabricated composite teeth."

Stegix Stegix Stegix

Stegix Stegix Stegix

It is a composite bridge, made in the dental laboratory on a prefabricated frame, and glued intracoronary.

Before and After Photos

Stegix Stegix Stegix

case 1: cavity width = 3mm, depth = 2.5 mm, composite filling = 3M Filtek XTE, restorative composites pontic = Ivoclar Vivadent Nexco

Stegix Stegix

case 2: note that tooth # 15 is a former CCM, the prosthetic tooth is constructed from prefabricated composite tooth Ivoclar Vivadent SR Phonares II


STEGIX prefabricated frames are adjustable by sliding horizontally. The cosmetic part is performed preferably with composite custom teeth or prefabricated teeth, which allow finishing touches directly in the mouth. Bars out of the artificial tooth are the anchors, sealed with a light-cured bonding material by the dentist in the small dental cavities of the pillars, helped by a transfer guide for positioning in the right place.

Stegix Stegix


  • The front teeth have a different profile compared with the side teeth, so there are two categories of parts to make the frame and anchor of the bridge (the backbone of the prosthesis).
  • As all these pieces slide into each other, we have two adaptable frameworks for simple cutting and grinding, which will make flexible bridges. The metal that is used is the same used in medical surgery for internal hips, pins, etc...